“A paradigm shift in design and how we sail – this is not a small step or a subtle design trend – this is a revolution”.


Is it safe?
DSS is inherently fail safe.As the system is contained in a water tight housing a failure does not compromise the integrity of the yacht. As the keel remains fixed, in the event of failure the yacht remains stable to AVS (Angle of vanishing stability) RORC requirements.

Is it legal?
DSS is legal under IRC, ORC and PHRF handicapping systems.

Is it insurable?
Completely and in most instances without premium.

Does it affect the interior living space?
In most cases the DSS system is under the cabin sole.

What happens if the foil breaks?
The yacht remains safe and sails in “normal” sailing mode.

What maintenance is required?
The system is designed to be as maintenance free as possible.

Surely the DSS foil just causes drag?
See “how does it work?” – it does cause drag but also lift and more lift than drag = benefits!

Does the DSS foil make the yacht harder to steer?
No, in fact the opposite. all DSS yachts have proven themselves to be perfectly balanced in all conditions.