An exciting day for us as the Hugh Welbourn designed DSS Mini launched today in La Rochelle.  The boat was built by French sailor and head of Isotop Composites, Dom Pedron.  Dom is known for his precision carbon fiber appendages which inspired the  team to rethink the 3 meter max beam box rule that is applied to all Mini 6.5’s.  The team approached the design focused on minimizing drag and thus designed a sleek silver bullet which utilizes the DSS technology to provide stability and thus has reduced the boats displacement.  The design has a fixed keel and retractable foil which will minimize work load and keep maneuvering simple!  What previous yachts with DSS technology have proven, is that the foil dampens pitching and overall motion which thus will allow for easier crew work, more efficiency from the sail plan as well as far less reaction from the auto helm.  The boat will be sail testing in La Rochelle amongst other proven Minis and will have many more updates and photos of the boat as she proves her performance on the water.