30% less heeling, 40% less pitching and faster – DSS changes everything

DSS Foils
The DSS patented system utilizes retractable foils to reduce heel angles and provide progressive dynamic lift, complementing the traditional fixed or canting keel. This revolutionary system heightens comfort for sailors, reduces displacement, and has proved to increase Velocity Made Good (VMG) in offshore sailing, while providing stability to the yacht and reducing weight.

DSS has been used on a wide variety of sailing yachts. From single handed flying dinghies to a 142ft Superyacht there are applications for DSS in most genres of yacht. Ensuring the maximum benefit from the DSS foil(s) fitted to the vessel is critical, as well as understanding what the intention of the yacht is. For example on a cruising yacht then increased comfort is generally more important than outright speed; the opposite tends to be the case when used in when used in a pure racing yacht. Examples of the different genres can be seen here:


DSS retractable foil


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