Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) is a result of over 10 years of research , investment and continued development that delivers revolutionary innovation to the sailing world.

DSS technology provides significant increases in stability and thus achieves higher boat speeds without compromised downsides associated with safety of canted keel systems or excess weight associated with water ballast designs.

DSS is so simple and easy to use it can be applied safely to a range of boats from performance cruising yachts, superyachts and racing yachts delivering a significant increase in performance, comfort and stability.

DSS patented system utilizes retractable foils to reduce heel angles when desired and provides progressive dynamic lift, complementing the traditional fixed keel.  This revolutionary system heightens comfort for sailors, reduces displacement, and has proved to increase Velocity Made Good (VMG) all the while providing stability to the yacht without adding weight.

DSS uses a retractable foil that deploys to leeward to complement the fixed keel of the yacht. Like all appendages it causes drag but it also causes lift and when the lift exceeds the drag there are benefits for the yacht.

The DSS foil creates Righting Moment or stability in the same way more crew sitting on the side of the yacht does, or canting the keel or adding water ballast.  This can be thought of as power.

The DSS foil also reduces drag, by lifting the boat out of the water.  The DSS system does not “fly” the boat as with a foiling moth, but it does reduce drag.

The DSS foil also reduces pitching (which causes sea-sickness) and reduces heeling, making the yacht smoother to sail and subsequently more comfortable and faster.

The combination of increased power, reduced drag and more comfort produces a fast, easy to sail yacht with more comfort.