DSS transforms the performance and comfort of the modern cruising yacht, adding stability and increased performance with almost no loss of interior volume. The main benefits of DSS for cruising yachts are:

Safety: manoeuvers such as gybing and tacking can be carried out with a greater degree of safety thanks to the additional stability provided by the system.
Reduced heel: an issue of safety as well as comfort (especially in center-cockpit vessels). DSS reduces heel by five degrees or more – depending on the original design parameters – which makes a real difference to crew and guests alike.
Less rolling: as well as providing additional performance by generating lift, DSS ensures that the rolling often experienced in tradewind sailing conditions is significantly reduced. DSS also damps roll in difficult or exposed anchorages.
Speed: DSS generates more speed for the yacht, allowing shorter passage times and all attendant benefits such as being better able to avoid bad weather when passage planning.
Simple to maintain: DSS can be maintained on an annual basis as part of your annual haul-out and checks.